How to fold a fitted sheet
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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet - The Ultimate Guide

Ever tried cleaning up your bedsheet cupboard? Bet you found folding a fitted sheet confusing! Don't worry. This guide will teach you to fold fitted sheets quickly and easily.
dorm room
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The Ultimate Dorm Room Checklist for a Stress-Free College Experience

Embarking on your college journey can be equally exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to moving into your new dorm room. From bedding and toiletries to electronics and safety items, t...
What is a Pillow Sham? The Ultimate Guide
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What is a Pillow Sham? The Ultimate Guide

If you've ever wondered about the difference between a pillow case and a pillow sham, you're not alone. These two terms are often used interchangeably, causing confusion for many people. In this co...
12 Kitchen Makeover Tips That Won't Break The Bank
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12 Kitchen Makeover Tips That Won't Break The Bank | DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Are you sick of your kitchen? Maybe you're tired of looking at the same design you've had for years. Perhaps you want to brighten it up and make it more cozy and welcoming for guests. Kitchen makeo...
desert plants
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Drought Tolerant Plants for Hot Climates | A Guide to Choosing the Right Plants

Gardening in a climate with blistering hot summers or very scarce rains comes with its own set of obstacles. Rather than fighting Mother Nature, however, the key to success is to choose drought tol...
Save Your Money on These 5 Homeware Pieces
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Designers Say to Save Your Money on These 5 Homeware Pieces in 2021

In our article “Five Worthwhile Homeware Splurges for 2021,” we quoteddesigners and shoppers as they extolled the virtues of spending a little bit extraon pieces that will either last for years or ...
Tacky decorating mistakes
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Five Tacky and Overdone Summer Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Summer is hallmarked by hot weather, refreshing dips in the pool, countlessice cream cones and road trips with friends and family. Many of us harken backto childhoods spent outdoors for those two b...
Five Worthwhile Homeware Splurges for 2021
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5 Worthwhile Homeware Splurges for 2021

Spring has sprung -- and so has our annual ritual of scraping out our ovens, turning over linens and swapping out seasonal decor. This yearly tradition -- known as “spring cleaning” -- is underscor...
houseplants for home office
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Houseplants for Your Home Office: A Guide to Boost Productivity

In order to be productive at home during the work day, establishing the right balance between limited distractions and enough stimulation to keep you going can be complex and frustrating -- to sa...