Care Instructions

Congratulations on choosing premium, sustainable Tencel eucalyptus bedding products from Olive + Crate.

Our product is not cheap, it is one of the best on the market, but being a natural fiber product, it needs a special kind of care for longevity.

Follow these instructions and you should have many beautiful, relaxing refreshing sleeps ahead

NOTE: These washing instructions do not apply to Comforters, which are DRY CLEAN ONLY


We are often asked if it is necessary to prewash out bedding products.  The short answer is no. As solvents used in making genuine Tencel products are non toxic, there is no need to prewash, although, if is your preference to do so, that is totally fine. We are also asked if our product smells of eucalyptus and the answer is no, there is no eucalyptus type smell at all.

Washing Process

It is recommended to wash Tencel products in cold water with a biodegradable washing detergent. Use the gentle cycle on your washer and wash separately. Tencel does not like metal buttons, zippers and studs that might catch, causing runs in the fabric.

There is no need to use fabric softener or softener sheets, as Tencel is naturally super soft already.


We recommend line drying if possible or tumble on gentle or delicate cycle. Again, as with washing, no metal bits, best to dry our products separately from other garments.

Do not over-dry, best to be a little under.

Wondering WHich detergents to use with tencel?

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We have received reports from some customers that some laundry detergents have stained their sheets. Be sure to use a detergent that does not contain bleach. Also, fabric softener is not needed, because eucalyptus is already so soft. We do not recommend the use of laundry pods either. Laundry pods and fabric softener may cause discoloration.


Tencel is a natural fiber, just like cotton, linen, bamboo and silk. As such, it requires a little more love and care than a synthetic product like microfiber and polyester. It will also wrinkle, if handled the wrong way.

Note: some wrinkling is normal for all natural textiles!

For line drying, fold your bedding as soon as you take it from the line or put straight on the bed, without scrunching up in the washing basket.

For tumble drying, if you have an 'Iron' setting, use that. It leaves a little bit of moisture in the sheets. You can then put them straight on the bed and the last little bit of moisture will evaporate. Remember, sheets only wrinkle really badly when they completely dried of moisture and thrown in a washing basket without folding.