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Vegan Eucalyptus Silk Eyemask

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Color:Basalt Blue

Material: Natural Earth-friendly Tencel Fiber Eucalyptus Lyocell Bedding for ultimate sleep comfort

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It's sleep time and you can't sleep!

Olive + Crate Vegan Silk Eyemask may be the solution to help you fall asleep faster.

For your circadian rhythm to function correctly, your body needs darkness to release melatonin (the sleep hormone). If there is light in the room or it is still daylight outside, you may not be able to go to sleep successfully.

We all know that restless sleep can zap your of energy the next day. If you want to fall asleep fast, and want a drug free, low tech solution, eye masks have been proven to help for many years.

Made from TENCEL™ eucalyptus vegan fiber, our sleep masks are animal friendly and natural, just like our Tencel Eucalyptus bedding.

Improve your bedtime routine with this cost effective solution

✅ Moisture Wicking - Eucalyptus fiber wicks moisture away from the body, reducing bacterial build up

✅ Breathable - unlike satin, eucalyptus fibers are super breathable so you don't over heat. Great for your skin

✅ Anti Static - Tencel eucalyptus has no static build up

✅ Made with natural European Tencel fiber

✅ Super smooth and silky, great for sensitive skin

Non plastic packaging,Fully Biodegradable,Returns donated to charity

My Skin & Hair Have Never Been Better

Our skin is teeming with bacteria, and if you sleep in the same sheets every night, you could be sleeping with millions of microbial and bacterial colonies. With Olive + Crate sheets. Our skin is teeming with bacteria, and if you sleep in the same sheets every night, you could be sleeping with millions of microbial and bacterial colonies. With Olive + Crate sheets. With Olive + Crate sheets. Our skin is teeming with bacteria, and if you sleep in the same sheets every night, you could be sleeping with millions of microbial and bacterial colonies.

Moisture Wicking

Ever feel hot and clammy in bed?

The moisture wicking properties of TENCEL eucalyptus fiber pull moisture away from the body leaving you comfortable all night

Experience the difference with TENCEL sheets

Tencel Eucalyptus form Europe Other Eucalyptus (Chinese Lyocell) Bamboo (Chinese) Linen Cotton Microfiber/Poluester
Moisture Wicking
Moisture Wicking
Low Water Usage
Non Toxic Solvents

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About Eucalyptus sheets

In a word "Yes"
Just like linen, cotton, bamboo and other natural fibers, there is going to be some wrinkling. Only synthetic fibers made from petrochemical processes are less likely to wrinkle.

To reduce wrinkling there are a couple of options.

1. Fold your sheets immediately after line drying or machine drying. Folded sheets will show less wrinkles, where as sheets bunched up in a washing basket will get very wrinkly.

2. Set your dryer to 'iron' setting, if it has one. This will leave a little bit of moisture in the sheets and then iron straight away. The moisture left in the sheets will make the ironing a breeze.

100% natural fibers are great for you and the environment, but they do require a little more care than synthetics.

This is totally up to you. Our sheets are made in very sanitary conditions, but some people like to wash before use. However, this in not necessary, the sheets are beautiful straight out of the packet.

Don't be fooled by thread count trickery! To read how you have been mislead all these years read this article on Huffpost.

Olive + Crate eucalyptus sheets are genuine 300 Tread Count.

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Used returned bedding is donated to local charities


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