Natural Eucalyptus Duvet Cover

lyocell duvet cover
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  • 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Product Details


1 x duvet cover

Pillowcases sold separately

Great for people who sleep in warm climates or who sleep hot
Certified 100% genuine Tencel (eucalyptus lyocell fiber) sustainably sourced

Certified Tencel (no harmful substances)

Ultra smooth sateen weave

Tested for pilling and color fastness

Moisture wicking

Naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mite resistantFully compostable at end of life

Fully compostable at end of life


Care Instructions

Machine washable

Wash separately, do not wash with harsh heavy materials like jeans, which may have metal studs

Do not bleach or use detergents with bleach

Wash in cold water on gentle/delicate cycle

Tumble dry low/delicates cycle or,

Line dry in shade, keep out of direct sunlight


Full/Queen Duvet Cover

1 x duvet/quilt cover 88" x 90"

King/Cal King Duvet Cover

1 x duvet/quilt cover 102" x 90"

(pillowcase sets sold separately)

60 Day Risk Free Return Guarantee

The PerfectSleep "At Home Sleep Test" is Available Now

Order the PerfectSleep sheets today and try them at home for 60 days (30 days if purchased on Amazon). 

If they aren't the most incredible sheets you've ever slept on, we'll provide you with a full 100% refund.  The 60 day test begins when you receive the sheets.

Just email us at, let us know you are not happy with the sheets and we will process your refund following the sheets return to our warehouse.

PerfectSleep "At Home Sleep Test" is only available to residents of the USA. Expected shipping time is 4-5 days in the USA . Test limited to 3 sheet sets per household.

Shipping Speed


Standard - Free Shipping

6 - 10 business days, dependant upon region

Business days are Monday to Friday and exclude public holidays

Expedited Shipping

2 - 4 business days, dependant upon region

Does not include Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates & APO/FPO


Coming soon


Q: How does the "At Home Sleep Test" work?

We only allow for a limited number of tests to launch each week so if there are sets still available this week then you can order your sheet sets (up to three sets per household) using the form above.  

We then ship them out to you ASAP. You should expect them to arrive in 4-5 business days inside the continental USA. 

The 60 day test begins the day you receive the test. Use them as much as you like, see if you can wash them a few times during the test so that you can observe how they only get softer without losing any of the color. That vivid color pigment will last the lifetime of the sheets!

IMPORTANT: Ensure you follow the washing instructions precisely (cold gentle wash). Tencel is an incredible fabric but needs to be looked after correctly for it to thrive.

If you decide that they aren't the best sheets you (or your family) have ever slept on, just get in touch with us within 60 days using our contact page and let us know. We'll arrange for you to get them back to us and will arrange a full refund for you.

Q: Does Tencel wrinkle?

In a word 'Yes'

Just like linen, cotton, bamboo and other natural fibers, there is going to be some wrinkling. Only synthetic fibers made from petrochemical processes are less likely to wrinkle.

To reduce wrinkling there are a couple of options.

1. Fold your duvet cover immediately after line drying or machine drying. Folded duvet covers will show less wrinkles, where as duvet covers bunched up in a washing basket will get very wrinkly.

2. Set your dryer to 'iron' setting, if it has one. This will leave a little bit of moisture in the duvet cover and then iron straight away. The moisture left in the duvet cover will make the ironing a breeze.

100% natural fibers are great for you and the environment, but they do require a little more care than synthetics.

Q: Ewww do you resell used bedsheets?

No! All PerfectSleep sheet sets are 100% brand new, never been used. For the very, very few sheet sets we get returned when people don't like them,  we organise to have them donated to a local charity that absolutely loves them. 

Q: Where do you ship the PerfectSleep sheet sets from?

PerfectSleep sheet sets ship from multiple warehouses in the USA which is why we can get them to you so quickly. If you want them even faster, there are priority and express shipping options available at checkout. 

Q: How do the cooling PerfectSleep sheets compare to a cooling blanket?

While a cooling blanket can be used to fix part of the problem, the PerfectSleep cooling sheets are what you'll be directly sleeping in all the time. They are much more effective than a cooling blanket.

Q: How do the PerfectSleep sheets compare to a cooling mattress or cooling mattress pad?

While a cooling mattress or cooling mattress pad can help you solve your temperature regulating issues overnight, they are often expensive (and some cooling mattress pads require you to pay for electricity in an ongoing manner). We've also heard mixed reviews from our customers about cooling mattress pads. Most of them just ditch their old pad once they try PerfectSleep sheets for a single night. 

The main reason that the PerfectSleep cooling sheets are more effective than a cooling mattress pad or cooling mattress is that they are directly up against your skin so their temperature regulating, moisture wicking properties work that much better. 

Q: Do these work if I sweat in my sleep?

If you get cold sweats at night or hot sweats at night you will discover that PerfectSleep is an incredible way to make sleep 1000x more comfortable for you and anyone else in your bed. 

Q: Are the PerfectSleep Sheets effective for night sweating during pregnancy, post birth or at any other time during the month?

We've had amazing feedback from parents of young women going through hormone changes and getting their period, older women facing menopause, new postpartum moms right after birth and 'soon to be' moms during pregnancy. The overwhelming comments have been that the PerfectSleep sheets make those more challenging sweaty nights much more manageable. 

We were surprised to hear that while they love the moisture wicking anti-sweat properties of PerfectSleep sheets, the extra luxurious, smooth feel also hugely helped them to just feel that little bit extra special during those trying nights. 

Q: How do PerfectSleep Sheets compare to moisture wicking pajamas?

While we've had some good feedback from customers who have used moisture wicking pajamas, they almost all preferred the PerfectSleep sheets and switched to using these exclusively because, in addition to wicking moisture from a much larger area (and being able to distribute that sweat so as to help it evaporate faster) they also regulate the temperature better and feel incredible next to the skin.

Q: I have more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Just reach out to us through one of the methods on our contact us page and we'll get back to your right away!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Lauren T.
Softest Bedding Ever? I think so!

Truly so thrilled over this bedding purchase. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stoked to go to bed. I did wash it right when I got it and was nervous the softness was going to immediately go away and I was thrilled when that wasn’t at all the case! It did get a bit wrinkly but I can also chalk that up to user error. Best bedding so thrilled by the soft color as well and ease of sleep I’ve been getting!

Jessika Ilgen

I’ve never slept so good in my life. This duvet cover is such high quality and overall just so versatile. I will be buying more from this place!!

OBSESSED with these sheets!!! Best sheets on the market.

Ok so on my quest to find the softest and best sheets and duvet, I stupidly ordered bamboo first, which uses toxic chemicals. Then I found out about eucalyptus and I randomly lucked out finding this company because I simultaneously ordered eucalyptus sheets from a different company just to compare softness and OH MY LANTA!! Their duvet feels like a cool cloud of satin on my skin!! It shines like granite and I’m in LOVE. No harsh chemicals and I didn’t even put those other sheets on...sent them right back, feeling like sandpaper in comparison to this duvet and ordered the sheets right away, got them yesterday in the same color and I’m sooooo stoked I found this material and Australian based company! Love Australians, happy to support them and very impressed with the quality of their tencel. Well worth the money!

Amazon Customer
Soft and comfortable, sizing is just odd

This duvet cover is really soft, and the colors are beautiful. We love how comfortable it is and not scratchy at all, nice and lightweight. It has the ties in the corners to keep your duvet in the right spot. My only problem is that it doesn’t come in standard sizing for a duvet insert, so it doesn’t fit a normal duvet well and then it gets completely messed up. Still would recommend, just make sure you look at the sizing carefully before ordering!

Soft, cool

This Olive + Crate Tencel Eucalyptus Cooling Duvet Cover for Night Sweats, Quilts and Comforters, Moisture wicking is COOL & BREATHABLE being made of soft and cooling TENCEL eucalyptus material.Do note, it doesnt smell like eucalyptus at all, that is only the material they get the Tencel from.Hard to tell if it is better than my cotton one yet on those hot, humid nites, but we will see.Still, it has a nice fell to it, and looks great!

Kenji Takabayashi
A true "all season" comforter

The material is super comfortable and most importantly, cool to the touch.


Super soft and fits my comforter perfectly. It looks nice and keeps me cool at night.

Good bed set!

Pretty good set. Great fabric, its warm and feels good to the touch. The color is neutral and so it gives a lot of usage. Its a queen size and pretty good coverage. After its washed it doesn't shrink, get out of shape nor does the color run. I like this set a lot.

Why Perfect Sleep?

It Looks Like Silk, But It Isn't!

100% Eucalyptus Duvet Cover designed in Australia. Plant based fiber, with no nasties, such as insecticides or pesticides. It's temperature regulating, so if you sleep hot or live in a hot climate, this duvet cover will help you sleep cool. It is also moisture wicking, so if you have sensitive skin, it actively wicks moisture away from the body, reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth.

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Olive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet Cover
Olive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet CoverOlive + Crate Eucalyptus - Tencel Duvet Cover
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