"My favorite sheets ever! They are soft and cool and quiet. Very luxurious. I was so excited that I got such a fast delivery as well. That was a bonus for sure. Thank you all for providing such great products . You have a customer for Life."

- Susan S. Reviewed on May 14 2020, Verified Customer Review

Wake up refreshed from the best nights sleep you've ever had. Guaranteed.

  • Cooling sheets keep you the perfect temperature

  • Every season - summer, winter or in between

  • Smooth & static-free for sensitive skin

  • Embedded color pigments prevent fading

  • Super soft, ridiculously luxurious sheets

  • Sustainably made from all natural eucalyptus  fiber

  • Tencel™ fibers provide ultimate smoothness

  • Simply the best sheets you've ever tried

*At Home Sleep Test only available while stocks last during our Massive May sale event.

  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

PerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet Set

Get better sleep.

At the perfect temperature.

Every night.

Cooling Sheets That Are Cool & Breathable in The Summer - Warm in The Winter

If you're in a hot or cold climate, we know it's sometimes hard to sleep...

The PerfectSleep cooling sheets are the, all natural, sustainably made, perfect temperature regulating sheets. 

If you are wondering about how to stay cool at night, then you're in the perfect place.

Hotels wish their 1000 thread count sheets were this comfortable. 

Luxuriously Soft & Smooth

The thousands of threads worth of Egyptian cotton which you'll find in most top end hotels can't keep up with how soft and smooth the PerfectSleep sheets are.  

The best part? They just get softer and even more like sleeping on a cloud, the more that you wash them.

These magical, 100% eucalyptus fibers actively wick moisture all night long.

We start with the patented, natural TENCEL™ lyocell fibers and these are then woven in a unique fashion which means that you'll no longer have to worry if it's too humid, too warm, too cold or anywhere in between. 

 While maintaining the right temperature, the PerfectSleep moisture wicking sheets actively wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable all night long. 

 If you get night sweats, hot sweats or cold sweats then you've just found the perfect solution to staying comfortable and dry all night long.

If you're a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper, get ready for bed bliss... even if your partner is the opposite!

If you or your partner are a particularly hot sleeper or a cold sleeper, the PerfectSleep sheets will seem like a miracle. 

We also know that kids often sleep cool or sleep hot and you'll be overjoyed to hear that kids adore PerfectSleep sheets. In fact, they're so good, they even come with a warning: they may not want to get out of their perfect temperature bed! 

Will you describe these as the ultimate bed cooling system? Only time will tell but lot's of our customers have described them in those exact words!

Try "the best sleep of your life" for 60 nights and let us know if these don't change how you feel all day long!

We'd throw around terms like "the best sleep of your life" but we know you won't believe us until you try it. 

 That's why we offer the PerfectSleep at home sleep test. 

 Once you've slept on your PerfectSleep sheets for a night or two, you'll never go back! 

 We can't wait to hear from you about the "best sheets you ever tried". 

 We can't promise you breakfast in bed but we can promise the most amazing sheets you've ever tried.

Sleep soundly knowing that you're in sustainable & planet friendly sheets.

Sustainably Sourced 

When you're testing your new PerfectSleep sheets in a few days time, you'll be able to sleep sound in the knowledge that your sheets are sustainably and ethically sourced in a completely renewable way. 

 Made from Eucalyptus & Completely Natural 

The TENCEL™ fibers that are used as the raw material when we start crafting the PerfectSleep eucalyptus sheets are derived from eucalyptus forests planted and sustainably grown in the hills of Austria. You'll be sleeping in one of the most, amazing, versatile, completely natural fabrics created on this planet to date. These is the best Tencel bedding available today. 

Thinking Long-Term & Sheet Demand 

We often struggle with demand because we will only offer as many sets of PerfectSleep sheets as we can while being dedicated to long term sustainability.We have so many happy returning customers because people often come back to get an extra set or sheet sets for the kids when they refuse to get out of mom & dad's bed! 

We also offer the PerfectSleep at home sleep test (and we never re-sell used sheets) so while we do our best to keep up with demand, it can be challenging and if we have stock available now, we encourage you to jump in for your own sleep test.

Olive + Crate's PerfectSleep sheets are loved by thousands of customers

"Amazing quality for a very reasonable price! Softer, cooler, better all around and significantly cheaper than a more expensive brand of bed sheets I previously owned. Definitely worth the money."

  • Verified Customer Review

"Feels like heaven, soft and silky sheets! I can’t believe how comfortable these sheets are. The moment I put them on I could feel the difference, they stop you getting that hot and clammy feeling and feel really fresh."

  • Verified Customer Review

"I think I finally found the softest smoothest sheets but time will tell! I am SUPER picky about my sheets and have spent sooooo much money going through so many different brands and materials- cotton, Egyptian cotton, microfiber, bamboo, polyester, flannel, etc. I previously ordered a tencel sheet set online from Macy’s, (on sale for $200). They went back to the store the same day they arrived as these are a much better price! The envelope pillowcases are a great touch too."

  • Verified Customer Review

Order Your PerfectSleep Sheet Sets & Start Your

"At Home Sleep Test" 

PerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet Set

The PerfectSleep "At Home Sleep Test" is Available Now

Order the PerfectSleep sheets today and try them at home for 60 days. If they aren't the most incredible sheets you've ever slept on, we'll provide you with a full 100% refund.  The 60 day test begins when you receive the sheets.

Each Set Includes: (1) Flat Sheet, (1) Fitted Sheet, (2) Pillow Cases

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  • PerfectSleep "At Home Sleep Test" is only available to residents of the USA. Expected shipping time is 4-5 days in the USA . Test limited to 3 sheet sets per household.


Q: How does the "At Home Sleep Test" work?

We only allow for a limited number of tests to launch each week so if there are sets still available this week then you can order your sheet sets (up to three sets per household) using the form above.  

We then ship them out to you ASAP. You should expect them to arrive in 4-5 business days inside the continental USA. 

The 60 day test begins the day you receive the test. Use them as much as you like, see if you can wash them a few times during the test so that you can observe how they only get softer without losing any of the color. That vivid color pigment will last the lifetime of the sheets!

IMPORTANT: Ensure you follow the washing instructions precisely (cold gentle wash). Tencel is an incredible fabric but needs to be looked after correctly for it to thrive.

If you decide that they aren't the best sheets you (or your family) have ever slept on, just get in touch with us within 60 days using our contact page and let us know. We'll arrange for you to get them back to us and will arrange a full refund for you.

Q: Ewww do you resell used bedsheets?

No! All PerfectSleep sheet sets are 100% brand new, never been used. For the very, very few sheet sets we get returned when people don't like them,  we organise to have them donated to a local charity that absolutely loves them. 

Q: Where do you ship the PerfectSleep sheet sets from?

PerfectSleep sheet sets ship from multiple warehouses in the USA which is why we can get them to you so quickly. If you want them even faster, there are priority and express shipping options available at checkout. 

Q: How do the cooling PerfectSleep sheets compare to a cooling blanket?

While a cooling blanket can be used to fix part of the problem, the PerfectSleep cooling sheets are what you'll be directly sleeping in all the time. They are much more effective than a cooling blanket.

Q: How do the PerfectSleep sheets compare to a cooling mattress or cooling mattress pad?

While a cooling mattress or cooling mattress pad can help you solve your temperature regulating issues overnight, they are often expensive (and some cooling mattress pads require you to pay for electricity in an ongoing manner). We've also heard mixed reviews from our customers about cooling mattress pads. Most of them just ditch their old pad once they try PerfectSleep sheets for a single night. 

The main reason that the PerfectSleep cooling sheets are more effective than a cooling mattress pad or cooling mattress is that they are directly up against your skin so their temperature regulating, moisture wicking properties work that much better. 

Q: Do these work if I sweat in my sleep?

If you get cold sweats at night or hot sweats at night you will discover that PerfectSleep is an incredible way to make sleep 1000x more comfortable for you and anyone else in your bed. 

Q: Are the PerfectSleep Sheets effective for night sweating during pregnancy, post birth or at any other time during the month?

We've had amazing feedback from parents of young women going through hormone changes and getting their period, older women facing menopause, new postpartum moms right after birth and 'soon to be' moms during pregnancy. The overwhelming comments have been that the PerfectSleep sheets make those more challenging sweaty nights much more manageable. 

We were surprised to hear that while they love the moisture wicking anti-sweat properties of PerfectSleep sheets, the extra luxurious, smooth feel also hugely helped them to just feel that little bit extra special during those trying nights. 

Q: How do PerfectSleep Sheets compare to moisture wicking pajamas?

While we've had some good feedback from customers who have used moisture wicking pajamas, they almost all preferred the PerfectSleep sheets and switched to using these exclusively because, in addition to wicking moisture from a much larger area (and being able to distribute that sweat so as to help it evaporate faster) they also regulate the temperature better and feel incredible next to the skin.

Q: I have more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Just reach out to us through one of the methods on our contact us page and we'll get back to your right away!

PerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet Set
PerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet SetPerfectSleep Sheets - Tencel Bed Sheet Set
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