12 Kitchen Makeover Tips That Won't Break The Bank

12 Kitchen Makeover Tips That Won't Break The Bank

Are you sick of your kitchen? Maybe you're tired of looking at the same design you've had for years. Perhaps you want to brighten it up and make it more cozy and welcoming for guests. Kitchen makeovers can get expensive, but if you do it yourself, the following ideas will help you makeover your kitchen without breaking the bank.

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Are you sick of your kitchen? Maybe you're tired of looking at the same design you've had for years. Perhaps you want to brighten it up and make it more cozy and welcoming for guests. Kitchen makeovers can get expensive, but if you do it yourself, the following ideas will help you makeover your kitchen without breaking the bank.



One of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to give your kitchen a fresh look is to add a few coats of paint. Maybe your walls have been beige since the beginning of time, and your cabinets are plain wood.

Don't just add a splash of paint to them. Add a dark color, such as navy, to your walls, and make the cabinets pop with a rich color such as teal. If you decide on neutral colors for your walls and cabinets, you can opt to paint your window frames a vibrant color.

When you're finished painting your cabinets, you can take it a step further by replacing the boring handles with cute drawer pulls. Try fun designs such as forks or keys. You can find lots of styles at craft stores like Hobby Lobby.

Create a New Backsplash


Another easy method for creating a new look is by updating your backsplash. You can purchase stylish tiles and install them yourself. This will likely cost a fraction of what you would have to pay a handyman. Tiling is not as hard as you think and there are many videos on YouTube that can help you out



Are you sick of your boring countertops? Step out of your comfort zone with some crazy, colorful designs. You can purchase shelf liner to cover your cabinets. You can choose from an array of patterns, including fun, vibrant and elegant designs.

Manufacturers are even making peel and stick, marble designs specifically for countertops. If you decide it doesn't suit your taste, simply peel it off and try something else. You can also get faux wood and faux rock countertop adhesive. Most options are only $9.99 for 15.8 x 78.8 inches.

DIY Wall Display

Creating an open wall display is simple, and you probably already have the tools around your house. You can purchase the wood and brackets from the hardware store for a fair price. If you don't have the tools to cut it, make sure to purchase the wood in the sizes you need.

Since it's an open design, you won't need to install covers or doors. All you need is a drill and some screws. Before attaching the shelf to the wall, coat it with your choice of paint or wood stain, allowing plenty of time for it to dry.

Once you have your open shelf in place, you have the perfect excuse to buy new dishes. Pioneer woman has some beautiful designs for every aspect of your kitchen. Her cooking utensils, dishes, and pots and pans will look lovely on your new shelf. Whatever brand you choose, be sure your colors coordinate, since everyone will be able to see it.

Stove-Top Cover

Whether you have a glass-top stove or a traditional style, you can get a custom stove-top cover made for under $100. Etsy is a great place to start. If you already have a design in mind, most sellers will work with you to bring your ideas to life. If you're not sure what you want, simply look through their current listings. Many people go with family names or initials, or you can opt to display your favorite quote.

Floor Stencils

floor stencils

Are you sick of your boring floors? You don't have to re-tile the entire kitchen to get a new look. Re-tiling is expensive and time consuming, but you can keep your current floors and just spruce them up with some paint and stencils. Choose the perfect design for your taste, and paint as few or as many designs as you want. Why stop with the kitchen? Floor stencils can be a fun addition to your bedrooms or playroom as well.

Coffee Bar

coffee bar

Are you, like most people, in love with coffee? Why not create your own coffee bar? Design your own area for your coffee pot and everything you need. You can purchase a chalkboard menu from Hobby Lobby and stencil in your favorite coffee drinks using chalk paint, or you can purchase a vinyl decal. Decorative canisters can also add a nice touch.

If you have a Keurig, display your coffee pods on a cute turning display. If you like liquid creamer, purchase a mini fridge for between $70 and $100, placing it on the counter next to your coffee maker. Don't forget to stick some bottles of cold coffee in there for a pick-me-up on those extra-hot days.

Island Kitchen Makeover

Do you have an island or bar in your kitchen? Put your bar stools to use somewhere else and replace them with a raised bench. Guests will enjoy sitting on a cushioned bench, and it's likely to be something none of your friends have thought to do. If you're worried about spills and stains, use upholstery staples to cover the bench with spill-proof vinyl.

Corner Booth

kitchen boothWho doesn't love sitting in the corner booth at their favorite restaurant? You can recreate that feeling in your very own kitchen by purchasing a corner booth with a table for as little as $389. Give it your own personal touch with your favorite tablecloth. You can even place some menus on the table along with a napkin holder, salt and pepper shakers and a ketchup bottle. Just be sure to tell your family and friends the menu is just for fun.

Take a Wall Down

remove wall

Is your kitchen too cramped? If you want to create a more open design, knock the wall out that separates the kitchen and the hall or the kitchen and the dining room. You can learn the best ways to do this by watching some YouTube videos and consulting with handy friends. Before doing any renovations, make sure the wall you want to remove is not a load-bearing wall, and don't forget the gloves and safety glasses.


curtains in kitchen

Curtains are a tried and true way to add to your kitchen makeover. They are affordable and come in a large variety of designs. If you have the skill, pull out the sewing machine and make your own. If sewing isn't your thing but you still want custom curtains, turn to Facebook or Etsy to find someone who can make the perfect curtains for your new kitchen. Don't forget the matching tablecloth to pull it all together.


kitchen lighting

After you make all these creative changes, showcase your kitchen makeover with new lighting. You can get reasonably priced light fixtures from the local hardware store. If you're going for a more vintage look, check out a few flea markets; you never know what you'll find. Try oversized lighting designs. Not only will they give off plenty of light for cooking, but they can also change the whole dynamic of the room.


When the urge hits to give your kitchen a makeover, don't stress about money. You've probably been scouring through magazines and home makeover websites, dreaming about your new kitchen. Toss those magazines to the side because kitchen makeovers don't have to break the bank. Follow the steps above to get the space of your dreams without dipping into your savings account. Take pictures and document the process, and you can show off your skills on Pinterest once you are done.

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