Cooling Sheets

Cooling Sheets – How To Sleep When The Temperature Soars

Cooling sheets are one of the most amazing things you can do this summer. They help wick moisture away from your body and regulate your bodies core temperature giving you a better night sleep.
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Author: David Le Blanc

Date: 03/05/2020

We love the warm, sunny days of high Summer but hate those nights when the temperature soars and it’s too just hot to sleep. The perfect temperature for your bedroom to be if you want a restful night’s sleep is around 65 – 70F. 

Keep the sunlight out

Using curtains, blinds or plantation shutters can keep the sunlight out of your bedroom and help regulate temperature. On a hot day, close up the room early in the day and keep the room cool and dark for a restful night sleep.

Create a Breeze

If the air is not moving outside and an open window does not help, create your own breeze with a fan. A ceiling fan is the ultimate solution, as it does not take up any floor space, but if that is not possible a simple pedestal or box fan will do the trick. They are super cheap from your favorite big box store and best of all, they use very little electricity, making them kind to the environment and your pocket. You will be surprized what a difference a bit of moving air on a warm sticky night can make.

A Wet Towel

Now this one is super old fashioned, but it works. A wet towel around the back of the neck can make a massive difference. Wring the towel out well, you don’t want it dripping and it is probably better to use this watching TV, rather than in bed. The evaporation close to the skin, caused by the damp towel will have you feeling instantly cooler.

Use Natural Fibers

Microfiber and polyester are cheap, there’s no denying it. But they are made from petrochemicals and just don’t breath like natural fibers.

The five main fibers in bedding are cotton, linen, silk, bamboo and Tencel.

Everyone know what cotton and linen are. Cotton is more affordable than the other fibers, but does not breath as well and is not very kind to the planet in it’s production.

Linen is nice, but it is expensive, wrinkles a lot and is really hard to iron.

Silk is luxurious, but very expensive.

Bamboo can tend to shrink and some people report it is quite course and a little hot.

Tencel is the brand name for the fiber known as Lyocell. Tencel is not as well know as the other fibers but is making a big come back at the moment. Tencel has superior moisture wicking properties and breaths beautifully. Tencel really is the superior fiber for cooling sheets. But don’t take our word for it, check out our 5 star reviews and see what people are saying at

Power Down

In todays connected world, phones, tablets, laptops and lighting can all generate heat. To help keep your bedroom cool, power down everything except your fan.

Wear Natural Fibers

There is no point in investing in cooling sheets with natural fibers, if you are going to wear synthetic nightwear. You need to also invest in some quality nightwear made from natural fibers and/or wear as little as possible.

Take a Shower

A cool or cold shower before bed is a great way to freshen up and bring down your body temperature on a hot night. You will feel fresher and sleep better.

Hopefully some or all of these simple tips can help you have a better sleep on a hot night. You will wake up felling refreshed and alive and you will pack more into your day when you feel like this.

We are just stoked at the amazing feedback our customers are giving, thank you. Why don’t you try them too?

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