5 Foods to boost sleep

5 Foods To Boost Your Sleep

Find out the five, often overlooked, foods that can help boost your sleep quality.

by David Le Blanc

date: 02/27/2020

Do you get into your nice, comfortable warm bed all ready to fall asleep but then spend hours counting sheep and tossing and turning. Sometime your brain is too hyped or maybe worrying about everyday life.

One aspect we often overlook is making sure you consume foods that help your body to fall asleep.  Some of our top 5 sleep boosting foods:

  • Low calcium intake can contribute to difficulties with falling asleep. Try warm milk, yoghurt or vegies with calcium like kale
  • Almonds are rich in magnesium and protein, which can help to promote sleep and muscle relaxation and keep you full . Almonds are also a great source of plant based protein and contain only good fats, but eat only 20 – 25 per day.
  • Bananas are rich in the “sleep inducing” amino acid “tryptophan” bananas can promote relaxation, and mother nature packages them perfectly for a snack before bedtime. Bananas are a higher sugar fruit, so keep them on the small side and only one per day. 
  • Some fortified breakfast cereals high in B6 are the ones to look for and have a sneaky bowl of cereal to enhance melatonin production that can produce sleepiness.
  • Grapes are a natural source of melatonin, and can promote sleepiness and a good night sleep. And lastly one of my favourites is passionfruit!

Try out some of these simple and nutritious foods before bed and see if they help you get a better night sleep.

Good luck!!

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