Natural Eucalyptus Comforter

tencel comforter
King/Cal KingQueen/Full
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Product Details

Included In Sheet Set
1 x Tencel eucalyptus fiber comforter


Great for people who sleep who or live in warm climates

Certified 100% genuine Tencel (eucalyptus lyocell fiber) sustainably sourced

Outer shell - 100% Tencel eucalyptus fiber with sateen weave

Filling - 100% Tencel eucalyptus fiber 

Loops in every corner to secure Olive + Crate duvet cover

Made entirely from certified Tencel fiber (no harmful substances)

Ultra smooth sateen weave shell

Moisture wicking  and temperature regulating

Naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mite resistant

Fully compostable at end of life

Care Instructions

Dry clean only

Tumble dry low/delicates cycle

Line dry in shade, keep out of direct sunlight


Full/Queen Comforter

1 x duvet/quilt cover 88" x 90"

King/Cal King Comforter

1 x duvet/quilt cover 102" x 90"

60 Day Risk Free Return Guarantee

The PerfectSleep "At Home Sleep Test" is Available Now

Order the Perfect Sleep Comforter today and try them at home for 60 days (30 days if purchased on Amazon). 

If they aren't the most incredible sheets you've ever slept on, we'll provide you with a full 100% refund.  The 60 day test begins when you receive the comforter.

Just email us at, let us know you are not happy with the comforter and we will process your refund following the comforter return to our warehouse.

Perfect Sleep "At Home Sleep Test" is only available to residents of the USA. Expected shipping time is 4-9 days in the USA. Test limited to 3 comforters per household.

Shipping Speed


Standard - Free Shipping

6 - 10 business days, dependant upon region

Business days are Monday to Friday and exclude public holidays

Expedited Shipping

2 - 4 business days, dependant upon region

Does not include Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates & APO/FPO


Coming soon


Q: How does the "At Home Sleep Test" work?

We only allow for a limited number of tests to launch each week so if there are sets still available this week then you can order your comforter (up to three sets per household) using the form above.  

We then ship it out to you ASAP. You should expect them to arrive in 4-9 business days inside the continental USA. 

The 60 day test begins the day you receive the comforter. Use it as much as you like. Enjoy your rest

IMPORTANT: Ensure you follow the washing instructions precisely, our comforter can only be dry cleaned, do not try to wash it at home.

If you decide that it is not the best comforter you (or your family) have ever slept on, just get in touch with us within 60 days using our contact page and let us know. We'll arrange for you to get it back to us and will arrange a full refund for you.

Returned products that are returned to us in a clean condition are donated to local charities.

Q: Ewww do you resell used bedsheets?

No! All Perfect Sleep comforters are 100% brand new, never been used. For the very, very few comforters we get returned when people don't like them,  we organise to have them donated to a local charity that absolutely loves them. 

Q: Where do you ship the Perfect Sleep comforters from?

Perfect Sleep comforters ship from our Cincinnati warehouse in the USA and takes 2 - 9 business days depending on location. If you want them even faster, there are priority and express shipping options available at checkout. 

Q: How do the PerfectvSleep comforters compare to a cooling mattress or cooling mattress pad?

While a cooling mattress or cooling mattress pad can help you solve your temperature regulating issues overnight, they are often expensive (and some cooling mattress pads require you to pay for electricity in an ongoing manner). We've also heard mixed reviews from our customers about cooling mattress pads. Most of them just ditch their old pad once they try Perfect Sleep comforters for a single night. 

The main reason that the Perfect Sleep cooling comforters are more effective than a cooling mattress pad or cooling mattress is that they are directly up against your skin so their temperature regulating, moisture wicking properties work that much better. 

Q: Do these work if I sweat in my sleep?

If you get cold sweats at night or hot sweats at night you will discover that Perfect Sleep is an incredible way to make sleep 1000x more comfortable for you and anyone else in your bed. 

Q: Are the Perfect Sleep Comforters effective for night sweating during pregnancy, post birth or at any other time during the month?

We've had amazing feedback from parents of young women going through hormone changes and getting their period, older women facing menopause, new postpartum moms right after birth and 'soon to be' moms during pregnancy. The overwhelming comments have been that the Perfect Sleep comforters make those more challenging sweaty nights much more manageable. 

We were surprised to hear that while they love the moisture wicking anti-sweat properties of Perfect Sleep comforters, the extra luxurious, smooth feel also hugely helped them to just feel that little bit extra special during those trying nights. 

Q: How do Perfect Sleep Comforters compare to moisture wicking pajamas?

While we've had some good feedback from customers who have used moisture wicking pajamas, they almost all preferred the Perfect Sleep comforters and switched to using these exclusively because, in addition to wicking moisture from a much larger area (and being able to distribute that sweat so as to help it evaporate faster) they also regulate the temperature better and feel incredible next to the skin.

Q: I have more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Just reach out to us through one of the methods on our contact us page and we'll get back to your right away!

We are super excited that has recognised Olive + Crate 100% Natural Eucalyptus Comforter as the most comfortable comforter for 2021.

Unlike some others, there is no 'polyester fill' in our comforter. Polyester equals hot and sweaty, not luxurious and breathable.

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tencel comforter

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scotti Vancel

Olive + Crate - Eucalyptus Comforter

Justin V
This comforter might make you late for work

This is the most comfortable comforter that I’ve ever owned. I purchased Olive + Crate sheets a few months ago and recently decided to try out the cooling comforter. I’m so glad I did. One night in and I had the hardest time getting out of bed the next day!

It’s cool enough for warmer nights but has the right weight to keep cozy. The fabric is so soft!
The stitching is sturdy and it seems like a piece of bedding that will last. I will definitely look into more O+C products.

Jessica Rodwick

I've been having a problem with sleeping 'hot', and waking up sweaty...this comforter is great. I also bought bamboo sheets + nightgown, and all together, I am SO much more comfortable at night. Highly recommend!

Melissa Naumann

I purchased the comforter along with the Duvet. I still get a little hot, but not nearly as much as with my alternative down comforter. I love the feel and that it is so quiet when you get out of bed.

Why Perfect Sleep?

So Soft and Cooling

Olive + Crate 100% natural eucalyptus fiber comforter. Not just a eucalyptus lining, but 100% eucalyptus wading. Other brands may be blended with sweat producing polyester derived fro. petrochemicals and plastics. Experience the ultimate in breathability and moisture wicking comforters

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