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King/Cal KingQueen/Full
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Product Details

Included In Sheet Set
1 x Tencel eucalyptus fiber comforter


A eucalyptus comforter is great for people who sleep in hot rooms or those who live in warm climates

Certified 100 percent genuine TENCEL™ fiber (eucalyptus lyocell fiber) sustainably sourced

Outer shell - 100 percent TENCEL™ eucalyptus fiber with sateen weave

Filling - 100 percent TENCEL™ eucalyptus fiber 

Loops in every corner to secure Olive + Crate duvet cover

Made entirely from certified TENCEL™ fiber (no harmful substances)

Ultra-smooth sateen weave shell

Moisture wicking  and temperature regulating

Naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mite resistant

Fully compostable at end of life

Care Instructions

Dry clean only


Full/Queen Comforter

1 x duvet/quilt cover 88" x 90"

King/Cal King Comforter

1 x duvet/quilt cover 102" x 90"

Further Information

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Customer Reviews

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Sleeping in a sea of Tencel

We love this bedding. We have two of these comforters on our bed in the winter time, and one is perfect for summer.

Fantastic, breathable comforter!

Super breathable while retaining heat when needed. Works well in cold and warm environments. Keeps me from waking up during the night because it becomes too warm or humid, which only happens with cotton or polyester. Works well with the duvet cover too.

Comfiest bedding ever!

As a hot sleeper, I ordered the O+C comforter and duvet cover and they absolutely did not disappoint. I’m obsessed with my bed now. The cover is amazingly soft and the comforter does an incredible job of keeping me warm and cool at the same time. It’s like magic!

Don Lajic
Not what I expected

The comforter appears to be a quality product. I was looking for a lightweight comforter made from 100% lyocell and very excited to get it. Unfortunately, I returned it after just two nights of use because the comforter is much heavier than I expected. If you dont mind a weighted feel comforter, then this may be a good option for you. Im sad that it didnt work out for me.

Hi Don
We are sorry to hear the comforter did not work out for you, but thank you for trying our product anyway
Olive + Crate Team

Abner Deleon
Great Comforter

Is one of the best comforters I have ever own. It keeps you cool throughout the night and it also warms you up when you feel cold. My wife and I love it! I will definitely purchase another one.

Cary Schneberger
Still warm & rough texture

We still woke up hot & sweaty. Less so than with other comforters though. And, the pillow case material was silky smooth & soft upon receipt, but turned rough & scratchy-ish after washing. Disappointing for the cost.

Hi Cary, sorry to hear your experience has not been great. We are here to help, please contact us at and we would love to be of assistance. I'm sure we can work something out for you.
Olive + Crate Team

Brittany Sproat
SO good!

Honestly, based on past purchases of dudes, I was skeptical. I purchased this with the promise of the money back guarantee. For real, I LOVE it! I sleep so hot at night that I wake up in a sweat more often than not. This comforter makes it so I can still snuggle with my blanket, and sleep nice and cozy, but not blazing hot. I would highly recommend this duvet for any hot sleeper.

Very Comfortable

I am very pleased with this set. Sleeping great

So Soft and Cooling

Olive and Crate’s 100 percent natural eucalyptus comforters provide a level of comfort you won’t believe. Our comforters contain not just a eucalyptus lining but also 100 percent eucalyptus filling. Other brands may be blended with sweat producing polyester derived from petrochemicals and plastics, but you won’t find that in our products. Experience the ultimate in breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities with one of our natural eucalyptus bed comforters. 

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