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Your face and your pillowslip - anti-aging, acne, and wrinkles

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin if you have the right pillowslip that is. Many people overlook the fact that the wrong pillowslip can aggravate acne and lead to the formation of wrinkles. Learn all you need to know about finding the right pillow slip for your skin concerns in the blog below.

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Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin if you have the right pillowslip that is. Many people overlook the fact that the wrong pillowslip can aggravate acne and lead to the formation of wrinkles. Learn all you need to know about finding the right pillow slip for your skin concerns in the blog below. 

by Alegria Alano

date: 09/22/2020

How your pillowslip affects your skin

pillowcases to prevent wrinkles
Have you ever woken up in the morning with fabric creases on your face? The answer for most of us is yes. This is because if we sleep on our sides or our front, the skin on our faces rests directly onto our pillow. As we sleep, our skin rubs against the fabric of our pillowslips causing a certain amount of friction depending on the fabric. The friction can tug and pull on our skin which can crease it through the night.


In your younger years, when your face is filled with elastin, the lines that we wake up with may fade during the day. However, by sleeping in the same position, the wrinkle can deepen and a decrease in skin elasticity will mean that the skin is less likely to ‘bounce back’. If you sleep in the same position and crease the same section of skin night after night, you can start to break down the collagen and elastin in that area. This means that those fine lines are likely to stick around and turn in to deeper wrinkles.


When it comes to acne, the direct contact of your skin to your pillowslip transfers whatever is on your pillowslip to your face. This means that any dirt, bacteria, or pore-clogging particles can be latching onto your face as you sleep.


Best pillowslips for preventing wrinkles 

The best anti-wrinkle pillowslips will limit the amount of friction between your skin and the fabric, so anything smooth that allows your skin to glide along is best. Silk is generally touted as one of the best fabric choices for pillowslips. It is a natural protein fiber produced by insects in their larval state. The highest quality silk is Mulberry Silk that is spun by Mulberry Silkworms. The reason why silk is so smooth and shiny compared to other natural fibers such as cotton is the length of each fiber. 

If you look at cotton fabric up close you’ll see that it can be slightly fuzzy. This is because the fibers used to spin a string of cotton thread are made up of much shorter fibers that are strung together. Silk fibers on the other hand can be many miles long! This is because the silkworms use the fibers to spin their cocoons so they produce long single strands. This is why silk pillowslips have fewer fibers jutting out of the fabric that can catch on your skin. You’ll find specialized silk pillowslips made for the best beauty sleep by brands such as Slip and LilySilk.


Silk isn’t the only option for wrinkle prevention. It’s all about the smoothness of the fabric, so any pillowslip that is smooth will be doing your skin more favors. 


Cotton can be quite soft, particularly at thread counts upwards of 300. However, cotton is not as breathable or hypoallergenic as other fibers. Linen is hypoallergenic and breathable, however, as it is made of tougher flax fibers and needs to be washed several times before it smooth and soft. Cultiver offers pre-washed linen pillow slips that can save you washing and waiting for your linen to soften up. 


Lyocell is a type of rayon or cellulose fiber made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees. It is hypoallergenic, breathable, and touted for its luxurious silky feel. Trademarked Tencel fabrics are the best choice as they are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means that no harmful chemical substances were used during production – this is better for the environment and reduces the potential for having an inflammatory skin reaction. Olive and Crate offer pillowslips made from genuine Tencel fibers for optimal smoothness.


anti-aging pillowcase

Best Pillowslips to Prevent Acne

best pillowcase to reduce wrinkles
Keeping your pillowslip clean is the key to waking up with clear skin. Dirt, bacteria, oils, and microbes can build-up on your pillowslip and when you sleep, whatever is on your pillowslip gets transferred to your skin. This leads to clogged pores which can increase your chances of developing an acne flare-up. 


The easiest thing you can do is turn your pillow over every night and wash your pillowslip at high temperatures (to kill bacteria) frequently. You can also help your healthy skin habits by shopping for a pillowslip with anti-bacterial properties. 


If you know that you’re not going to wash your pillowslips often, Déjà’s Skincare Pillowcase is made with 8 layers that can be peeled back each night so you can be sure you are sleeping on fresh fabric. 


Frequently washed, breathable fabrics can work just as well as specially designed pillowslips. Fabric breathability is important for pillowslips because breathable fabrics won’t trap excess heat and moisture. This is problematic for your skin because too much heat and moisture can create a breeding ground for bacteria that can wreak havoc on your skin. Silk, linen, and lyocell are all much more breathable than cotton and would be better suited to those with acne-prone skin. 

Cool Sleep = Clear, wrinkle-free skin

Another important factor for wrinkle and acne prevention is getting the most restful sleep possible. Undisturbed sleep is the best beauty sleep as no fabric can save your skin from the stress of constantly waking. Fabric breathability and moisture-wicking properties are important as these both help to regulate the temperature of your pillow by keeping it optimally cool for undisturbed sleep. 


Lack of sleep can cause stress that will show on your skin, and excess sweat from a hot sleep can overstimulate the oil glands which can lead to clogged pores and acne.
best anti aging pillowcase
Bonus Tip – sleep on your back if you can. This keeps your face off your pillow which means it won’t rub against your pillow at all. Sleeping on your back will also slightly tilt your head up, which can help decrease fluid build-up overnight (the angle helps it drain), so you’ll also wake up less puffy.


The Consensus

We’ve learned we need optimal sleep, a smooth friction-free surface, and breathable anti-bacterial fabric to get our best beauty sleep. With all that in mind, silk and lyocell pillowslips consistently tick all the boxes and will work for wrinkle-prevention and keeping acne at bay. Investing in a few silk or lyocell pillowslips that can be washed frequently will help keep skin clear and wrinkle-free so you can wake up every morning looking and feeling fresh. 

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