softest sheets for bedtime wellness

Softest Sheets For Bedtime Wellness

Sleeping hot at night or tossing and turning? It may be that you are not using the softest sheets on the market.

Author: David Le Blanc


Sleeping hot at night or tossing and turning? It may be that you are not using the softest sheets on the market.

Temperature regulation is critical for a good night sleep. It does not matter if you live in a warm humid climate or cool temperate climate, if your body cannot regulate temperature and keep moisture away from the skin surface, then you may not experience a great night sleep.

So here are my top 5 tips for bedtime wellness so that you get the magical night’s sleep, so that you wake up feeling on top of the world! Allow 30 minutes for your brain to relax, this allows you to drift off quickly.

1. Ensure you climb into bed with your favourite night time drink. Some of my favourites are a fragrant tea, warm water, milk, cocoa or just even a glass of water

2. Dim the lights down super low – barely there is great or just enough for your book

3. Grab a book, or your kindle and read a chapter or two of something that does not remotely reflect your current life. Escape between the pages.

4. Take a hot wheat pack and snuggle in to your softest sheets for warming up any aches and pains. Tummy, lower back or wrapped around your shoulders

5. And finally turn off the lights, not too late though!

Enjoy improved sleep, your body will thank you.

My final tip, make sure you invest in the softest sheets and for the winter time the best warm PJs or lounge wear. Sweet dreams!

Olive + Crate 100% Tencel sheets are a great alternative to cotton and linen and way superior to man-made fibers such as microfibre and polyester. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Tencel, check out this article.

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Amazon Customer said:

Cool sheets


Definitely would buy again. The sheets stay cool, soft and very comfy on the skin.

Amazon customer said:

Super smooth and soft!


I think I finally found the softest smoothest sheets but time will tell! I am SUPER picky about my sheets and have spent sooooo much money going through so many different brands and materials- cotton, Egyptian cotton, microfiber, bamboo, polyester, flannel, etc. I previously ordered a tencel sheet set online from Macy’s, (on sale for $200). They went back to the store the same day they arrived as these are a much better price! The envelope pillowcases are a great touch too. Washing directions state delicate in cold water and dry on low heat. These seem a bit thin but I think that is normal for tencel so will see how they hold up and update review later if any issues. If these hold up I may be buying these for Christmas gifts. I wish they also made these for full size mattress.

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