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Which Is The Best French Press Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, or maybe two or three? With so many different coffee makers on the market, it can be hard to choose.

by David Le Blanc

date: 08/14/2019

3 Things You Must Know To Buy The Best French Press Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, or maybe two or three? With so many different coffee makers on the market, it can be hard to choose.  PODs are bad for the environment, filter coffee can easily go stale and bitter and full on coffee machines can be complicated, take time to warm up and clean. In our opinion, choosing the best french press coffee maker offers a great alternative, but which is the best to buy? These days, we are spoilt for choice, there are so many on the market.  Just hop on to and you will soon see that the choices are endless.  There are glass ones, stainless steel ones, ceramic ones and more. So in this article, we will help you make an informed decision when looking at the myriad of products on offer.

Heat Loss

best french press coffee makerUnless you are making an iced coffee, it is a fair bet you want your coffee to be piping hot – right? When Coffee Presses were first introduced to the world, the best french press coffee maker available was the glass press. They were revolutionary for their time. However, unless you were making one cup only, the coffee went cold very quickly. The original maker recognised this problem and invented a nifty little jacket to go around the glass, but really this was just an attempt to rectify a design flaw.  
 Then came the stainless steel coffee presses.  The stainless steel product is better than glass, because the steel holds more of the heat, keeping it in contact with the coffee, rather than losing the heat quickly to the air.  However, eventually the same problem occurs, the coffee does go cold. So unless you are a fast drinker, the second cup, will never be as good as the first. Another source of heat loss is the spout.  Not all french presses have the ability to close the lid, so heat is not lost during the brewing process.  To make french press properly approximately 4 minutes of brewing time is required. Heat can be lost via the spout during this time. Check out our other posts on how to make great french press coffee. The best french press coffee maker to buy is a stainless steel double skin coffee press. And the thicker the steel is the better.  Similar to a double glazed window, the double skin with air break between, will ensure your coffee stays piping hot for the longes time.  


This is a no-brainer really.  Glass and ceramic pots will break if dropped or knocked.  If you drop your stainless steel coffee press, sure, you may experience some bumps and scratches over time, but the integrity of the pot will remain. Double skinned pots are the best, because even if the outer skin is dented, the inner chamber will remain perfectly operable. So for longevity of the coffee press, it is worth investing a little more in a double skinned stainless steel coffee press.

Filter System

best french press coffee makerAt Olive + Crate, we have designed a coffee press which we believe is the best french press coffee maker currently on the market.  Its is a 34oz press which can make up to 8 small cups and 4 large cups of coffee at a time; more than enough to get you through the morning.  The stainless steel walls of the coffee press are 1/32 inch (0.7mm) thick, which is approximately 30% thicker than most on the market. Also, it weighs a solid 2.2 pounds (1 Kg), as opposed to most others around 1.5 pounds (650g).  The filter system is unique too, because there are three seperate filtering stages to ensure grounds do not end up in your morning coffee. If you would like to investigate the Olive + Crate 34oz French Press in more detail, hop on over to and have a look.  Included in the kit is 34oz (1 Liter) extra heavy double skin stainless steel french press, precise measuring scoop which also doubles as a bag clip to keep grounds fresh, two spare stainless steel filters, detailed instructions on how to get the best out of your French Press and beautiful packaging, making this French Press a beautiful gift for someone.

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