5 Worthwhile Homeware Splurges for 2021

Apr 24, 21

5 Worthwhile Homeware Splurges for 2021

by Elizabeth Burton

Spring has sprung -- and so has our annual ritual of scraping out our ovens, turning over linens and swapping out seasonal decor. This yearly tradition -- known as “spring cleaning” -- is underscored by a desire to feel refreshed and renewed. Perhaps nothing is more in need of a Spring refresh than the homes in which we have spent the last year sequestered. Many of our homes are still sprinkled with the remnants of our pandemic lifestyles and need a bit of a reset for Spring. To make your home welcoming for guests later this summer and comfortable for you in the interim, follow below for five worthwhile homeware splurges for 2021.

5 Homeware Pieces Worth the Splurge in 2021 -- According to Interior Designers

#1 Quality Lighting Ensures Spaces Are Functional and Beautiful

quality lighting

Not only is proper lighting incredibly important for eye health, skin health, brain health and sleep quality, but it also determines the functionality and mood of a space. In the article “Where to Splurge and Where to Save When Decorating for Houzz, Yanic Simard writes that lighting is one of the “durable essentials and focal pieces [that] makes sense to invest in.” Suspended lights -- writes Simard -- are worthy of a splurge because they “are natural focal points [that] hang down close to eye level and radiate light, so they tend to command attention.” Spending a bit extra on quality lighting “can elevate the look of the whole room, as you’ll naturally focus on them instead of other, less-exciting pieces.”

#2 Bedding for the Guest Bedroom Ensures Visitors Feel Welcome

eucalyptus fiber bedding

If your home still includes a guest bedroom -- rather than a recently converted home office -- consider splurging on quality bedding for upcoming visitors. Few of us have entertained over the last year, but many of us are looking forward to hosting once more as the pandemic winds down. Remind your guests that their comfort and ease is important to you by swapping out cheap or dated bedding with breathable sheets, a hypoallergenic duvet and cooling pillowcases. In her article “Interior designers reveal the 10 things worth splurging on in a home” for Business Insider, Rachel Murphy writes that “comfy bed sheets are worth spending a bit extra on [and] you might also want to splurge on a comforter.”

Because quality bedding “lasts you a long time,” Murphy recommends “picking up ‘the most comfortable bedding you can afford without breaking the bank.’” Lilith Hardie Lupica echoes this sentiment in her article “7 expensive homewares items worth the splurge” for Vogue. Lupica writes that “an investment in good linens is an investment in self-care” and when included in a guest bedroom, it is an investment in the proper care and keeping of your guests. Lilith Hardie Lupica notes that “a high thread count can make you feel like royalty in an instant.”

#3 Luxurious Pajamas Are Always Worth Splurging On

cooling pajamas

Though pajamas are more loungewear than homeware, we still firmly believe the bedtime staples belong on this list. During the COVID-19 pandemic, loungewear has become a fixture of our homes -- comforting us through frustrating Zoom calls and keeping us cozy during countless weekends spent indoors. The proper pajamas soothe and swaddle us -- helping us relax, sleep and wake refreshed and rested. What else in your home could be more worth the splurge? Best of all, pajamas have begun to break through the bedroom door and out into the world -- performing double day-to-night duty.

Bartie Scott explains in the recent article “We're living in the golden age of pajamas” for Markets Insider -- an arm of Business Insider. Satiating our “skin hunger” -- as Scott calls the urge for soft, silky fabric against our skin -- quality pajamas have only recently transitioned “from unnecessary luxury, to comfort and self-care.” Honor your skin and fulfill your own “skin hunger” by indulging in sustainably made, ethically sourced pajamas created from eco-friendly fibers like Tencel.

#4 Feel-Good Home Fragrances Complement Home Decor

Feel-Good Home Fragrances Complement Home Decor

Scent sets the mood for every space. As such, consider spending a bit more on home fragrance items -- from sprays and diffusers to soaps and laundry detergents. Every scented solution you use in your home -- whether expelled by the dryer on laundry day or the smart diffuser when you unlock the front door -- offers ambiance and atmosphere. In short, scent is incredibly powerful in its effect on the human body and brain. Sara Pepitone explains in her article “Aromas Are the New Frontier for Interior Design for The Observer. Pepitone writes that “bespoke or high-end scents are now factored into plans for hotels, hotspots and homes” because of their lasting effect on memory and experience.

The reason for this outsized impact on our lives -- Pepitone writes -- lies in the olfactory cortex of our brains. Sara Pepitone notes that “smell is processed in the olfactory cortex in the brain’s limbic system, near the places emotion is processed and memories are stored.” This connection is what “makes scent memories among the most powerful, emotional and lasting.” To create enjoyable, comforting and invigorating experiences for your guests -- and yourself -- consider seeking out the help of a scent designer. Scent designers can aid homeowners in developing a layered scent profile for events, seasons and everyday life. If you would prefer to layer scents on your own, consider learning more about the psychology and physiology behind our reactions to scent.

#5 Unique Vintage Finds -- Like A Special Piece of Furniture -- Stand the Test of Time

Unique Vintage Finds

Lastly, consider investing in vintage artwork, antique furniture or historic collectibles when personalizing your home this year. Take cues from LA interior design expert Patrick Ediger, whom Kristin Granero quotes in her article “10 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth

Splurging on, According to Design Pros” for RealSimple. Granero and Ediger identify vintage rugs as particularly worth the splurge, noting that “‘there’s no better way to give a space some soul and bring it to life than with an exquisite antique handmade wool rug.’” Vintage rugs are special because they are so often hand crafted with care and tradition. Quoting Ediger, Granero writes that “‘as long as you maintain and care for them, they'll last lifetimes as both an excellent investment and a beautiful heirloom to pass down through generations.’”

Lauren Smith McDonough offers a similar perspective when quoting interior designer Francesco Bilotto in her article “3 Splurges Interior Designers Admit to Making on Their Own Homes” for House Beautiful. Rather than rugs, Bilotto and McDonough point to antique furniture or light fixtures as worth splurging on. Quoting Bilotto, Lauren Smith McDonough writes that “‘you can make any basic room beautiful with the placement of a fine antique candelabra or a cabinet.’” Antique furniture is not only an incredible investment because of its resistance to wear and tear, but also because it “‘will gain more respect and worth through time, but the same cannot be said for a sofa or window treatment’" or other home decor.

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