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Natural Eucalyptus Sheet Set

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Product Details

Included In Sheet Set

1 x fitted sheet

1 x top sheet

2 x pillowcases.


Eucalyptus sheets are great for people who sleep in warm climates or who sleep hot 

Certified 100% genuine TENCEL™ fiber (eucalyptus lyocell fiber) sustainably sourced

Certified TENCEL™ fiber (no harmful substances)

Ultra-smooth sateen weave

Tested for pilling and color fastness

100 percent natural eucalyptus sheets are moisture wicking

Naturally resistant to mold, bacteria, and dust mite resistant

Fully compostable at end of life

Care Instructions

Machine washable

Wash separately, do not wash with harsh heavy materials like jeans, which may have metal studs

Do not bleach or use detergents with bleach

Wash in cold water on gentle/delicate cycle

Tumble dry low/delicates cycle or,

Line dry in shade, keep out of direct sunlight



Queen Size Sheet Set

1 x flat sheet 90" x 102"

1 x fitted sheet 80" x 60" x 17.5" (pocket)

2 x pillow cases 20" x 30"

King Size Sheet Set

1 x flat sheet 106" x 102"

1 x fitted sheet 80" x 76" x 17.5" (pocket)

2 x pillow cases 20" x 40"

California King Sheet Set

1 x flat sheet 

1 x fitted sheet 72" x 84" x 16.5" (pocket)

2 x pillow cases 20" x 40"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Best Sheets Ever

After a few years with these sheets in a queen size, it was a no-brainer to treat myself to both a king size sheet set and king size duvet cover in my new home on my new bed. These are the best sheets ever and totally worth the price tag. Look no further. I am super picky and had returned tencel sheets from other well-known competitors because they weren't soft enough. My partner can get very sweaty at night and since we moved into our new home has had 0 issues. We are smothered in olive and crate sheets/duvet cover and could not be happier.

Best sheets I’ve ever known

I LOVE THESE SHEETS. I have two pair now bc I was so sad when we had put back on our others while these washed. I must have these sheets at all times. They are so soft. Warm, but keep you cool and did I mention soft!?!? They truly are a dream. They also fit my super deep, movable mattress and never pop off. I will probably be back for a third set. The sage ones are beautiful!

Leona Greer
Simply wonderful

This is my first set of Eucalyptus sheets and I them better than my Egyptian cotton. I am so pleased with these sheets, they have a lovely natural fiber feel and breathability. They also came out of the wash softer the pictures are after a wash, if you get them straight out of the dryer there is very little wrinklage. After doing a lot of research I decided not to go with bamboo due to the environmental impact. These sheets are wonderful!!

Best sheets ever!

So happy I bought these sheets. We’re hot sleepers so I started researching Eucalyptus, silk, and linen sheets to determine which would be best for us. After reading all the great reviews online I decided to try these from Olive & Crate. They arrived within two days of ordering which was a nice surprise. I washed them according to the directions and we were hooked after one night. They are soft but not slippery like silk. They are cool when you first get into bed but keep you warm. I haven’t woken up because I’m too hot or sweaty like I have with cotton. I think they be great in the summer months too. I’ve washed them a few times now and they seem to hold up well. I also like that the fitted sheet has such deep pockets and they stay snug on our king pillow top mattress with wool topper. I will definitely be buying at least one or two more sets and plan on getting rid of all our other sheets. Buy these, you won’t regret it.

Cool, breathable sheets

Far more breathable than any cotton sheets that I have ever used. Keeps me warm without overheating or sweating. Easy to wash and quick to dry, even on low heat. Comfortable texture against the skin, somewhere in between cotton and silk. If you tend to get too warm, best to use either the flat sheet or duvet cover, not both.

Honestly let’s be honest

When they arrive, I would recommend washing them first; otherwise they are a sateen weave and extremely silky, your bedding will slip off during the night. After the first wash they will change color slightly in a worn kind of way, but they stay soft and lose the silkiness. We have had our first set since May 2021 and are thrilled. As two very hot sleepers in Florida, we find they are nice, but have improved since our second set when we replaced our mattress protector from a waterproof plastic-lined to a eucalyptus one. 1000% your other bedding material selections matter. The first set has a dangling string now but should be alright if I cut it before it unravels completely. I can’t speak for the pillowcases as I use satin ones for my hair, but my partner has no complaints. We would swap them to wash with some “xyz count” fancy pants cotton set that while soft, is HOT. I mean hot hot, compared to these. Even my always content partner was unhappy when we had to use those, which is why we just bought a second set. First set is the dark grey, second set is the blush. The top sheet seems to be lighter than the fitted, but I haven’t washed this set yet. This color is far more slippery without the first wash, so definitely get that first wash in before deciding how you feel. I sleep with the fitted sheet doubled up and a cotton woven blanket doubled up, and during the dead of summer in our bedroom (hottest room of the house), I woke up sweaty sometimes, but not only do they cool and dry quickly, but I have bad anxiety, so sometimes it’s not temperature related. Overall, I would say 4.5 stars because the pinks not seeming to match in my eyes drives me nuts and the string I found within a year based on the cost of product ratio. Otherwise a lot of the complaints I’ve seen on reviews, I haven’t encountered. No rips or holes, no customer service required, only the slippery sheets which is solved by WASHING THEM before you use them. Promise :) [picture is the blush before first wash. As you can see, I haven’t moved since waking up bc I’m comfy]

Joseph Wilk
Silky and cool sheets that wash well

These sheets are a pleasure to sleep in. They are cool and moisture-wicking while still feeling luxurious. They also withstand a wash very well, as after extensive laundering they have emerged without a single pill. I bought these to replace a rival manufacturer's sheets which were not deep enough to accommodate my pillows and mattress, but these accommodated both very well.

Lani S
Better Than Hotel Sheets

Since purchasing the tencel sheets and pillowcases from Olive and Crate my husband and I have slept so much cooler and more comfortably.

We used to have percale cotton thinking that was the coolest option. These sheets are way cooler than percale, and are super silky! They have a luxurious draping silkiness I have never felt before in a fabric. Also, they don't seem to hold moisture or dirt like cotton so they feel more clean and fresh.

The result is we go to bed earlier, sleep longer, and feel so much more refreshed in the morning. The gentle laundering and soft wrinkles don't bother me at all. Plus, they are super eco-friendly so there is nothing not to love. I have recommended tencel sheets and Olive and Crate to everyone I know - even cool sleepers. WARNING! The only downside is you'll forever be disappointed by bedding in "luxury" hotels and can't wait to get back home to your own bed at home!

Breathable as a eucalyptus forest

Like living on cloud nine while sleeping in absolute luxury. You will be obsessed with how Tencel eucalyptus sheets make you feel each and every night 

Better than Bamboo!

Like silk and velvet had a baby and Olive + Crate was born. Sustainable eucalyptus bedding is kind to the earth, nontoxic, and super luxurious. Don't take our word for it; see what our customer reviews say about our products. 

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light grey sheet set
Eucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet SetEucalyptus - TENCEL™ fiber Sheet Set
KingQueenCal King
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