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Cool and Comfortable

I was pleasantly surprised to experience the best sleep I have had in a long time. The comforter and sheets kept me cool and comfortable all night.

Love these sheets

We've been hunting down new sheets and trying a lot from silk to bamboo. We've tried several other high end sheets and these are by far the best we've used. They are comfortable and soft, they aren't hot, and probably the best sleep I've had in months.

An Absolute Dream

I have always been hot natured and living in Florida, well cooling off is not always that easy. I found bamboo sheets several years ago and swore I would never look for anything else again… That’s how much I loved them. Sadly, the company that I purchase my bedding from has gone downhill recently. I needed some new sheets so I started looking around and researching anything that will keep me cool at night…. Enter in eucalyptus sheets. I was skeptical and was not sure of the high price point, but I placed an order. Right out of the box, they are simply stunning. Soft… so very soft, but we all know that the true test comes after they are washed and on the bed. Getting into the bed with these sheets on, are indescribable… From that first night, I have yet to wake up sweaty and hot. I sleep so much better, and there is no tossing and turning. They wash beautifully and seem softer each time. I raved so much about them that my sister ordered a set, as did our father. The one drawback is that, even after washing in cold water, and following all directions, the charcoal (the color that I ordered) has faded. It has almost a weathered look to it now, instead of the deep, dark, charcoal. Other than that I am beyond thrilled with this purchase!!!! Get them!!! You won’t be sorry!!!

These sheets make me feel like I am staying in an exclusive resort! Without a doubt, the best sheets I've ever had.

Love these sheets!

These sheets are just what I was looking for. They are silky smooth and soft yet cooling on warm nights. These sheets replaced cotton sheets I was using that were just too stiff for my liking. Perfect combination of silky without the silk and strong like polyester without the synthetic feel or extra heat. Give these sheets a try!

No More Sweating!

My husband and I are very hot sleepers, and wanted to find something to keep us from waking up in the middle of the night full of sweat. After some extensive research, we bought these sheets from Olive and Crate - and love them! While we still do get warm overnight, we no longer wake up sweating and that's a huge win. Plus, the material is so silky and cool to the touch which are major bonuses.


I still can't beleive how incredibly soft these sheets are. They feel amazing and are worth every penny. The pockets are nice and deep too for taller matteress. I will hopefully be replacing all my sheets with these!

Best sheets EVER. Soft and cooling at the same time, would highly recommend these to anyone who is a hot sleeper.


I very happy with my new comforter! It is warm without being too hot, just perfect!

great night sleep

Considering how much time one spends of their life in bed the experience should be first class. These sheets provide that first class experience.

Best night’s sleep

I love my new cooling sheets from Olive & Crate. I have slept well all night since putting them on my bed! Love the deep pockets on fitted sheets to help keep them in place! Wish I had found these beautiful sheets years ago! Thank you Olive & Crate

Best sheets

This is my 7th pair of sheets purchased from Olive and Crate. I buy them for my friends so they can experience how smooth and cool they feel, summer or winter. I recently bought a new bed in a different size so I finally got to buy a new set for myself. I'll keep coming back as long as the sheets remain easy to care for, cool and silky.

Hi Aki
Thank you for your great review and being such a loyal customer. We are so glad to hear you love our products and are recommending them to your friends.
We will contact you privately, as we would like to arrange something special to reward your loyalty.
Olive + Crate

Disappointing Order Fulfillment -> Incredible Customer Service / product

Editing again to reflect the quality of the bedsheet:
My first night in these sheets was absolutely astounding. Every night since has been a dream. I'm a hot sleeper, and I usually end up a sweaty mess with softer sheets. But these sheets are the softest I've ever slept in, yet I wake up dry as a bone. In the middle of summer, upstairs, with just a fan running, I wake up perfectly cool. This ended up being a phenomenal purchase, and I'm so glad Olive & Crate went above and beyond to ensure I got my sheets. I love them and will be buying them as a gift for my fellow hot sleepers in my life.

Editing to reflect how impressed I've been with the customer service:
Honestly, I cannot fathom the integrity with which Olive + Crate has acted to rectify this situation with me. They are suspending operations with the Shop app since it is so opaque and does not allow users to cancel or edit placed orders and ensuring that I get a set of sheets. The customer support team at O+C has been really next level, and I hope their product is half as impressive as they are, so they can make a lifelong customer out of me. I'm leaving my original review in-tact below, but suffice to say, Olive+Crate is doing what they can to ensure the transaction processing lives up to their own and their customers' expectations, which was the main takeaway.

Original review:
I purchased a set of these. Their payment processer / order fulfillment tracker was Shop, which is who I have real beef with as I write this review. I did not even know I had an account with Shop, yet my old address was pulled in as the shipping address. I didn't catch that in time as I clicked "submit". Immediately, I knew I messed up, but there was no way to edit the delivery address as there usually is for orders that have not yet been shipped. I figured, maybe that would be a feature in the Shop app, so I downloaded it and signed in to no avail -- the order didn't even show up in there (despite me using my Shop account to pay for the order minutes prior? Doesn't add up).

I reached out to Olive + Crate directly that morning since the order had still yet to ship or appear in the Shop app. They got back to me within 24 hours, but there was nothing they could do; the order had already shipped (though it had yet to appear in the Shop app).

I understand this is ultimately my mistake. But every other vendor I've purchased from online will give you time to edit delivery instructions until the item has actually shipped. This is too expensive of a product to offer no such means to rectify a simple mistake. Shop has been less than useless at every step of the way. Olive + Crate should take more pride in their product by leaving transaction processing to a third party (or themselves) that they can be proud of.

TLDR: The wrong address auto-populated in the Shop payment workflow, and I accidentally submitted it. Shop didn't allow me to edit address or cancel the order, so it was sent to the wrong place. Olive + Crate is doing everything they can to make things right for me and ensure that others have a chance to correct the mistake. Sheets are phenomenal and worth every penny.

HI Carter
Thank you for your message, we apologize for the frustration you have experienced and totally understand your frustration.
I investigated the emails between you and our customer service department and although Customer Service did respond within 24 hours, which is our target, however on this occasion, your delivery was dispatched by the warehouse only 7 hours after receiving the order, so we would not have caught it anyway.
We will do three things to address this situation. Firstly, we will ship a replacement product to the correct address as we want you to be able to try our product.
Secondly, we have disabled Shop App on our website immediately.
Lastly, we will investigate if there is a way we can implement something on the website, so customers can cancel the order themselves.
Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated and we hope we can serve you better next time.
Olive + Crate team

Life Changing Sheets !

These are the best sheets ever ! Other sheets hurt your skin . But these are so soft . If you have diabetic neuropathy , you need these sheets ! Smooth like butter

Super soft

Super soft, cozy material. Seems to indeed sleep cooler!


I am new to Tencel sheets but quickly ordered a 2nd set of pillow cases and a duvet cover because i am enjoying them so much. They are silky and cool and can be smoothed out easily when making the bed. Very happy with the look as well simple and clean, I have the light blue and would consider a different color for the cooler months.

Coolest softest sheets I have ever owned!!!

Wow!! These are worth every pennie!!!!
They really are cool to the touch and so silky soft and cozy!!! I'm telling all my friends to get these! We love them!!!
Great quality!!!!


After a few years with the tencel sheets in a queen size, it was a no-brainer to treat myself to both a king size sheet set and king size duvet cover in my new home on my new bed. These are the best and totally worth the price tag. Look no further. I am super picky and had returned tencel sheets from other well-known competitors because they weren't soft enough. My partner can get very sweaty at night and since we moved into our new home has had 0 issues. We are smothered in olive and crate sheets/duvet cover and could not be happier.

Best Sheets Ever

After a few years with these sheets in a queen size, it was a no-brainer to treat myself to both a king size sheet set and king size duvet cover in my new home on my new bed. These are the best sheets ever and totally worth the price tag. Look no further. I am super picky and had returned tencel sheets from other well-known competitors because they weren't soft enough. My partner can get very sweaty at night and since we moved into our new home has had 0 issues. We are smothered in olive and crate sheets/duvet cover and could not be happier.

Super soft, refreshing and great colors

We bought the sheet set, comforter and duvet as a treat moving into our new apartment. They are so luscious and soft that we will have to buy another set!!

comfort and color

I paid a bit more gor these sheets than I normally would, but I've not regretted it. They are comfortable and seem durable (a must in my home with lots of dog and cat paws in play), and I love the unique color! I will be getting a second set asap. Only problem is....I don't want to get up!

Best Sheets We've Ever Owned, Worth the Investment

My mom once told me that I should consider the things I use every day or frequently and spend extra money on those things because it will be an investment in myself. Stuff like good shoes, healthcare, tires for your car, etc. I realized a few years back that my bed is one of those things.

I use it every single day and if I do not sleep well it can affect my mood, my performance, and my health. So I started investing time, energy, and money on making my bed better. That is how I found these sheets and, now on my second set, I can honestly say these are one of my better investments.

These sheets are lusciously soft, lightweight, cooling, and they are made with sustainable fabrics. Even the comforter is better than our old comforter! I think the thing that really sold me was when our old sheets got a tear in them and so we replaced them with some cotton brand. I HATED them. They felt scratchy, they made me sweaty at night, and my quality of sleep plummeted.

I lasted about a month before I just had to repurchase this brand. I can honestly say to everyone I know, invest in some bamboo sheets. You won't regret it. I joke that bamboo sheets are the new "egyptian cotton."

Eye wear

First time using and it does help with sleeping

Not what I expected

The comforter appears to be a quality product. I was looking for a lightweight comforter made from 100% lyocell and very excited to get it. Unfortunately, I returned it after just two nights of use because the comforter is much heavier than I expected. If you dont mind a weighted feel comforter, then this may be a good option for you. Im sad that it didnt work out for me.

Hi Don
We are sorry to hear the comforter did not work out for you, but thank you for trying our product anyway
Olive + Crate Team

Best Sheets

I love the way they feel and they are absolutely the best tencel for the price!