Ambassador Program FAQ

The following are come commonly asked questions about the Olive + Crate Ambassador Program. If you do not find the answer to your questions here, please contact us on the Contact Page

How much commission does the Ambassador Program pay?

New affiliates will start on 7.5% commission initially.  Once you have shown a track record of referring sales, there is an opportunity to upgrade you to our next level. If you represent a high domain authority publisher, please contact us directly, as we may be able to start you on the higher tier.

Can I use my ambassador link to make purchases for myself and my family and still receive the ambassador commission?

Unfortunately not. The ambassador program is designed for you to be rewarded for referring new business to Olive + Crate. 

What if someone uses a discount code when making a purchase, how is my commission calculated?

Like many companies, from time to time Olive + Crate will have seasonal sales, for example Black Friday. The commission is calculated on the final price the end buyer pays. Being a premium brand, Olive + Crate discounts are never excessive.

Do I receive commission on shipping or tax charges that may be added to a purchase?

Unfortunately not, these are pass through charges that Olive + Crate do not profit from

I am new to this, where will I get marketing material from to help me promote the products?

The Ambassador Program will come with a whole bunch of creatives (logos, images etc) that you can use to build out your marketing effort and start your very own Side Hustle!

How long does the ambassador link last?

When a customer clicks on your unique ambassador link, their activity is tracked for 90 days. If they make a purchase from the Olive + Crate website within the 30 day window, the commission will be paid

Can I send another link to someone with an expired link?

Yes you can

Will the link work with Amazon?

No, the Ambassador Program is unique to Olive + Crate website customers

Can I get a higher commission is I make lots of sales?

Anything is possible! If you are doing really well and become a great brand ambassador, then approach us directly and we can discuss an arrangement. We do offer higher commission for affiliates who have demonstrated they can bring new business to Olive + Crate and high domain authority publishers.

How long can I remain an ambassador for?

The objective of the ambassador program is to spread the word about Olive + Crate, engage your audience or following and offer you a way to earn some income. If you have not had a referral (other than yourself) within eight (8) weeks, Olive + Crate reserve the right to review your membership to the program and may disable your membership at its discretion. Please read program terms and conditions on your Share A Sale affiliate dashboard for further details

When will I get paid my affiliate commission?

Currently we are paying out affiliate commissions on the 20th day of each calendar month.  Please make sure your PayPal email address or banking details are correct, as it may be difficult to recover funds if they are sent to the wrong account.

Where can I get more questions answered?

Contact Olive + Crate directly here and we endeavour to answer any additional questions you may have