Exquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited Edition

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Striped Trays & White Detail - 18" x 12" x 3"

Black Handles Large - 20" x 14" x 3" (4" incl handle)

Black Handles Small - 16" x 10" x 3" (4" incl handle)


Wipe down with damp cloth, mild detergent may be used

DO NOT - put in dishwasher.

60 Day Risk Free Guarantee

The Exquisite Home "At Home Test" is Available Now

Order the Exquisite Home Serving Tray today and try them at home for 60 days (30 days if purchased on Amazon). 

If you are not 100% satisfied, we'll provide you with a full 100% refund.  The 60 day test begins when you receive the Serving Tray.

Just email us at hello@oliveandcrate.com, let us know you are not happy with the Serving Tray and we will process your refund following the Serving Tray return to our warehouse.

The Exquisite Home "At Home Test" is only available to residents of the USA. Expected shipping time is 4-5 days in the USA . Test limited to 2 French Press sets per household.

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Standard - Free Shipping

6 - 10 business days, dependant upon region

Business days are Monday to Friday and exclude public holidays

Expedited Shipping

2 - 4 business days, dependant upon region

Does not include Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates & APO/FPO


Q: How does the "At Home Compliment Challenge" work?

We only stock a very limited number of trays and we want you to try them and have the opportunity to fall in love so we offer this challenge for people to see just how much they will love this serving tray!

If there are still trays available from our current limited edition run then fill in the form above to order your tray(s). 

We then ship it out to you ASAP. You should expect them to arrive in 4-5 business days inside the continental USA. Express shipping is available if desired.

The 60 day challenge begins the day you receive the tray. Use the trays as much as you like, try and organize different situations and people to use the trays with and watch those compliments roll on in. 

If you decide that it isn't the most wonderful serving tray you've ever used or you're not happy with it for any reason, just get in touch with us within 60 days using our contact page and let us know. We'll make it easy for you to get it back to us and will arrange a full refund for you.

Q: Oh could my tray be previously used by someone?

Nope. All Exquisite Home "Uniquely Yours" trays that go out are 100% brand new, never been used. We make sure that the very few products that we get returned go to good homes to be loved by others. 

Q: Where do you ship the Exquisite Home"Uniquely Yours" ottoman serving trays from?

They ship from a warehouse in the USA which is why we can get them to you so quickly. If you want them even faster, there are priority and express shipping options available at checkout. 

Q: I have more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Just reach out to us through one of the methods on our contact us page and we'll get back to your right away!

Get The Exquisite Home Tray of Your Choice Today

  • Stylish, on-trend design that will perfectly complement your decor so you get complimented by your friends and family.

  • Each tray is unique and part of a small, limited edition  run.

  • Each tray's artwork and wood is hand crafted from sustainably sourced local mango tree wood.

  • Solid, durable construction that will last years.

  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't fall in love with your new tray.

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Black Handles (20" x 14")Green-Tan-Blue (18" x 12")Cherry-Green-Tan (18" x 12")Black Handles (16" x 10")White Detail (18" x 12")

Extended delivery times anticipated November and December 2021. See FAQ for further information here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Bonnie G.
Great quality & beautiful too!

I originally ordered this tray to carry my bedtime snack & misc items upstairs to my bedside. However, I was so impressed with the quality and beauty of this item, I sent it to my sister as a birthday gift! She raves about it & has received many compliments from her friends. She, in turn, is planning to order one for her daughter.

Jessica A.
Love it!

I love it. I have my canisters in it and sitting next to my coffee maker

Lydia F
Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship. Extremely happy with the purchase!

Kelly T
Beautiful Wooden Tray

I purchased this tray for my coffee table made out of reclaimed wood, it was a perfect blend with the white wash and design on the sides. I am very pleased with it overall, it is fitted with old journals and books, remotes and a small plant.

Sherena S.L.
I love this!

Sturdy, beautiful perfect!

Patrice McN
Quality Product

Beautiful design and craftsmanship!

Eady to handle and lightweight.

The wood construction is sturdy. The colors are a nice combination. The size is just right. I recommend this product.

Great serving tray

Beautiful, well constructed serving tray. I used it in my pass through to organize cooking oil bottles that were too tall to fit in my cupboard.

The ultimate home decor enhancement

Designed as a talking point, the Exquisite Home "Uniquely Yours" ottoman serving trays will get the conversation (and compliments!) flowing at your next dinner party. 

They also look great when it's time for breakfast in bed!

These limited edition trays are individually hand made from sustainable mango wood in India. 

Available in five different color and design variations (although no two trays will ever be exactly the same), they reflect the feeling and spirit of the region where they were made while looking gorgeous and on-trend sitting on your coffee table or in your kitchen.

decorative tray
cherry green serving tray

Gorgeous, strong, stylish, interesting and intensely practical

Hey Good Lookin'...Could this be the 'Ryan Reynolds Meets George Clooney' of serving trays?

While being beautiful and interesting to look at, the Exquisite Home "uniquely yours" serving trays are designed to be used everyday and last you a VERY long time. 

Solid Construction & Extremely Durable

Each tray is lovingly made by hand and triple checked to ensure it's ready for you. The moment you pick it up you will be able to feel the solid, real wood construction and the spirit of the person who made it.

Spills? Fresh Food? No problem!

Each tray comes coated with a water resistant, food grade matte coating. This protects the tray from liquids while also providing a hygienic, interesting serving surface for fresh pastries, fruit or chocolates. 

Impressed guests, a curious family, Instagrammable breakfast in bed and an amazing party.

Welcome to Your Next 60 days with the "Uniquely Yours" Exquisite Home Serving Tray

Are you ready for ultra-trendy snacks on the couch, a cozy breakfast in bed or a sophisticated soiree? 

Whichever of the five variations of the Exquisite Home serving tray you choose, they are designed to draw the eye of guests and encourage conversation (and maybe make them just a little jealous of your decor!).

Built in Crumb Protection

If your family is anything like ours and as prone to food crumbs in the lounge room, bedrooms or family room then you will fall head over heels for this serving tray the first time it makes 'post family' clean up easier. We certainly did!

hand made serving tray

Unique artwork in a tray. It's like going to India and picking it out yourself.

Do you already have some unique pieces for your coffee dates, after dinner drinks and breakfasts in bed?

We couldn't believe the number of people who complimented us on the first tray we brought back from India. Guests would keep returning to it and loved the fact that it was unique and hand-made. 

Every time they subtly asked where they could get one, we knew then that we wanted to work closely with the individuals who make these trays by hand and help them live a more financially prosperous life while sharing their unique wooden artwork with the world. 

There is so much mass produced junk available today that interesting, unique pieces are few and far between. 

This is your opportunity to own a unique piece that your guests and family will be talking about and appreciating for years to come. 

It's hard to find genuine, unique, hand-made products in the US now.

It's not your fault. We blame marketing, big box stores and mass manufacturing. 

It's hard to find anything hand made in any of the 'marts or the more 'upmarket' department stores, let alone something unique! 

There are so many big, soulless brands (who shall mostly remain nameless) out there attempting to have you use their unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly products every morning that it's totally understandable. 

When we were lucky enough to go to India as a family, we were impressed with the dedication and love the women and men who put into these trays. It felt more like they were creating art as we watched than a product to sell. 

The fact the were using real, sustainable, local mango wood to create these trays just sealed the deal for us. We were officially hooked. We hope you'll love them too!

Made in India
black handles serving tray

Extremely limited edition runs, the "Uniquely Yours" serving tray takes 6 months to travel from the crafters hand's to your door.

We only stock a few of each tray variation at any one time and each of those trays is also unique as it is made with different pieces of wood and by a different set of hands. Each tray you order will be yours and yours alone. 

Due to the effort that goes into creating these trays, from the moment we discuss organizing more trays with the crafters, it takes 6 months for a new small batch to arrive in the US and be ready for shipment. 

So, when we sell out (as we have for each of our past limited edition runs) we won't be able to tell you if we will be bringing back in those particular color combinations or when they will be back in. 

How does the 60 day "At Home Compliment Challenge" work?

Here's how you're going to try out your new unique serving tray

If you're thinking you'd like to try a "Uniquely Yours" tray then let's run through how you can get the strong, stylish perfect complement to your home decor now.

Fill in the field below to order your tray(s). We will ship them out to you ASAP.  Delivery in the USA is 4-5 days with regular (free) shipping. 

From the day you receive your new tray(s), the 60 day challenge begins! Use your new tray everywhere you can think of and take note of how many compliments and interested, curious conversations open from it when your family and friends see you using it. 

Then, after 60 days, if you aren't overjoyed with your new tray for any reason, then thats a challenge fail on our part and you can get in touch with us at any time within that 60 day test period for a full refund.

  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

wooden tray blue green
Exquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited Edition
Exquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited EditionExquisite Home - Ottoman Serving Tray - Limited Edition
Black Handles (20" x 14")Green-Tan-Blue (18" x 12")Cherry-Green-Tan (18" x 12")Black Handles (16" x 10")White Detail (18" x 12")