Will Ruin All Other Bed Sheets for You!

Made From Super Breathable Moisture Wicking Fiber to Give You a Better Night’s Sleep

  • Do you hate sheets that stick to your skin

  • Are you sick of waking up drenched in sweat

  • Olive + Crate puts an end to moisture-locking 

    bed sheets by leveraging premium eucalypts material

  • Our sheets seamlessly wick away moisture 

    to give you a restful, relaxing, night’s sleep

  • Super breathable, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on cloud 9!

  • Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Why Eucalyptus?

Olive + Crate sheets are made from a special Tencel eucalyptus fiber called Lyocell. 

This unique brand of fiber is made in Austria, and sourced in Europe, and is fully sustainable.

Also, unlike other sheets that are made from a blend of lyocell and cotton, Olive + Crate sheets are made with 100% Tencel lyocell giving you a luxurious, silky smooth experience every time you slide into bed.

Reduce Bacterial Build Up In Your Bed

Our skin is teeming with bacteria, and if you sleep in the same sheets every night, you could be sleeping with millions of microbial and bacterial colonies.

With Olive + Crate sheets, however, you won’t!

Get sheets that are anti-bacterial and microbial, leaving you with far fewer nasties leftover in your bed so you can sleep soundly.

Soothe Your Skin Naturally—Without Harmful Chemicals

If you have sensitive skin, your sheets could be making it worse!

Tencel eucalyptus sheets are made from 100% natural fiber, with no petrochemicals and nasty solvents used in their manufacturing process.

Eucalyptus plants can grow naturally without the use of pesticides and insecticides, thanks to their natural pest resistance. This reduces your contact with harmful chemicals that irritate your skin and body.

You can now enjoy chemical-free sheets and restful sleep, without harming your skin, all with Olive + Crate bedding.

Prevent Bedhead with Static-Free Sheets

No one likes to wake up with a head full of static build-up

It can take you hours to smooth out and style statically charged hair. 

Fortunately, our sheets naturally prevent static build up thanks to the silk-like qualities of eucalyptus

Get the same static-free hair without the cost of real-silk, with Olive + Crate sheets.

Sustainable Sheets—Lavish Comfort

You deserve to enjoy guilt-free silky sheets. And when you choose Olive + Crate sheets, you can! Here are a few things that make eucalyptus a truly sustainable material.

Reduced Water Use

First, eucalyptus plants require far less water during the production process. This is because Tencel uses about 95% less water than cotton during production. Eucalyptus also does not need irrigation and 99% of the non-toxic solvents used during production are recovered for reuse.

Reduced Land Usage

Second, eucalyptus uses far less land than cotton, for example. Eucalyptus is a naturally fast-growing tree, and is well-adapted to grow in average quality soil, meaning it doesn’t need prime arable farming land for production.

Fully Compostable

Third, Tencel eucalyptus bedding products are 100% compostable at their end-of-life cycle phase. 

That’s right, you can toss them without worrying about negatively affecting the environment.

Tencel Eucalyptus VS. Cotton


Tencel Eucalyptus offers superior luxurious softness, compared to cotton. 

For lower thread counts, as low as 300, Tencel provides a marshmallow-like comfort you simply won’t get with even the highest cotton thread count.


Tencel’s breathability is unmatched. 

Not only does it allow air to flow in between every fiber, but it also wicks away moisture and heat, leaving you cool and comfortable.


Tencel is also incredibly durable! 

Its hypoallergenic properties and naturally durable fibers allow it to last and maintain its softness, far longer than cotton sheets.

Enjoy The Best Sleep of Your Life with Olive + Crate Sheets Once You Go Eucalyptus You’ll NEVER Go Back!

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