Navidium Buyer Protection

Lost, stolen and damaged goods delivery is becoming an ever increasing problem. As an ecommerce seller, we have no control over what happens once we hand the goods to the courier company.

A small percentage of customers are disappointed, upset and sometimes angry when their parcel has been stolen, lost or damaged on the way to them.

At Olive + Crate, we want all our customers to have a positive experience. Therefore, as of June 2022 we are implementing Navidium Buyer Protection option at the point of purchase.  For a small additional fee, you can protect your shipment and in the event of something going wrong, we will first investigate with the courier company responsible for the delivery.  If that investigation does not deliver a positive outcome, then the cost of a replacement product is covered by us.

For $3.75 per item, when added in your shopping cart, you will have full peace of mind. When you think about it, you are getting free delivery, this is protection for the cost of a cup of coffee!

If you decide not to pay the additional $3.75 per item, by unchecking the Buyer Protection option in the Shopping Cart, Olive + Crate will not be liable for any lost, stolen or damaged delivery and you will need to file a claim with the courier company directly.

If you have any questions about this option, please reach out to us directly via our Contact Us page.