Exploring Design's Most Ethical, Innovative Fibers
eucalyptus sheets

Exploring Design's Most Ethical, Innovative Fibers

Sustainability is now very much top of mind for many people around the world. Countless consumers have expressed a growing desire for safer, more environmentally friendly products. In recent months...
What is Tencel
eucalyptus sheets

What is Tencel? The Natural Eucalyptus Fiber Has Roots in Fashion

Though countless have heard the term, many still wonder: "What is Tencel?" Tencel -- also known in its unbranded form as lyocell -- is an eco-friendly fiber derived from the eucalyptus tree, popula...
alternative to bamboo sheets
eucalyptus sheets

Need an Alternative to Bamboo Sheets? Try Eco-Friendly Tencel Sheets

Buyers everywhere are seeking eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to cotton, linen and other water and land-intensive fibers. Thoughtful consumers have begun to shift away from cotton and linen ...
Tencel is better for the environment than cotton and linen

Why Tencel is Better for the Environment than Cotton and Linen

While flax, cotton and other celluloid fibers used for bedsheets, clothing and curtains are all fairly sustainable, tencel repeatedly comes out on top. Each of the three is drought-tolerant, but te...
Cotton Harms the Environment

Three Ways in Which Cotton Harms the Environment

Three Ways in Which Cotton Harms the Environment Fashion designers, environmentalists and business ethicists alike have all decried cotton in recent years because of its harmful effects on the envi...
fabrics for pajamas
sleep hacks

A Seasonal Guide to the Best Fabrics for Pajamas

Tips for choosing the most comfortable pajamas in hot, humid, dry, and cold weather
Cooling Sheets
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Cooling Sheets – How To Sleep When The Temperature Soars

Cooling sheets are one of the most amazing things you can do this summer. They help wick moisture away from your body and regulate your bodies core temperature giving you a better night sleep.
cooling bed sheets
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Our Bed Sheets Are Amazing – Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Tencel is a fiber not very well known in the world of bed sheets, but it has been around for many years.
tencel sheets how to care for them
eucalyptus sheets

Tencel Sheets – How To Care For Them

Often people are worried about buying Tencel sheets because they are worried they may be difficult to maintain.